The Freshman Foundation

What is the Freshman Foundation?

The Freshman Foundation (FF) is a 12-week virtual “boot camp” designed to prepare high school student-athletes to compete immediately at the college level. FF is designed to equip student-athletes with mental performance strategies and life skills that increase their confidence and coping abilities in a new and highly-challenging environment. FF will transform the student-athlete’s mindset from unsure high school senior stepping into an unknown world to a confident young adult with a veteran’s mentality when arriving on campus.


Who is the ideal participant?

The ideal participant is a high school senior committed to participate in college athletics in the following school year. Please take a brief quiz to determine your readiness for the transition to college using the buttons provided below if you are student-athlete aspiring to compete or a parent of a student-athlete seeking to learn more about the process.


Why should you or your student-athlete participate?

The 12-week “boot camp” will introduce a broad array of mental performance and life skills that will give student-athletes an edge when arriving on campus as freshman. The curriculum will include:


  • Communication
  • Confidence-building
  • Decision-making
  • Emotional regulation
  • Focused attention
  • Resourcefulness


The Freshman Foundation will also include an applied workshop in which participants are challenged to integrate all of these skills to preview their successful arrival on campus.


Michael Huber, Founder & CEO of The Freshman Foundation, will personally lead small-group instruction with a small group college-bound student-athletes that will both encourage interaction and allow for individual-level coaching.

What is your investment?

Individual Registrants: The cost of the 12-week program is $999. If you register before February 15, 2021, then the student-athlete will receive four (4) individual coaching sessions at no additional cost.


Institutional Registrants (e.g. HS, colleges): The cost of the 12-week program will vary based upon the number of participants and other unique variables. Please schedule a 30-minute strategy session to have a discussion regarding how The Freshman Foundation might work for your program:

Why should you register now?

The Freshman Foundation is offered in the final half (i.e., final two marking periods) of student-athletes’ senior year. FF intends to do exactly what the program’s name suggests: help athletes build the foundation for thriving in college before they even arrive on campus. Student-athletes will learn skills and strategies that will provide them with an edge on their fellow incoming freshmen.


FF has a limited number of spaces available. Student-athletes will receive four (4)  individual coaching sessions for free if registering before February 15, 2021.

Why should you trust Michael Huber?

At the age of 42, I left a long-term, stable career in the corporate world to earn a master’s degree in sport psychology. My interest in sport psychology stemmed from wondering about what my athletic potential would have been if I had a confident mindset. Since making the transition to mental performance coaching, I have been able to apply my personal experiences and sport psychology training to help high school athletes achieve growth and great successes.

Why do others trust Michael Huber?

“It has been great having Mike work with our athletics program over the last two years… Mike’s training not only optimizes and gives perspective on the field or court, but also gives our student-athlete strategies to manage all aspects over their demanding academic, athletic, and social demands. Mike blends a perspective as a former athlete, professional outside of the sports industry, parent, and is able to use those touch points to holistically help student-athletes.”


– Mike Murray, Head Baseball Coach, Saint Joseph (Metuchen, NJ) HS, former Division I catcher, and ex-minor league baseball player

“I think you worked miracles. After any slip-ups on the field, (client) fell apart. Somehow you gave him tools to drive forward. It’s such a gift you gave him because, obviously, the skill set applies to so much more than soccer… Again, I can’t possibly thank you enough for all you’ve done.”


Anonymous parent, senior high school soccer player

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m sure there are many other questions that might arise when attempting to determine whether FF is a worthy investment. If you are a student-athlete, parent, or coach, then click on the appropriate link provided below