I am a trained mental performance coach with a Master’s Degree in sport psychology. I also have 20 years of experience as a business consultant. Most importantly, I have experienced life-altering challenges in my 40+ years and have persevered to overcome most (at least up to this point in my life). I have many elements to my identity, such as father, coach, and (injured) athlete that make me unique as a trusted partner. I place my clients first and believes that understanding you as a person is more important than what I know from a technical perspective. I pride myself in helping others to achieve their performance and life goals through our partnership.


I am a performance coach in order to help human beings to develop, grow, and reach their potential. I am committed to pursuing this objective every day and in all situations in an ethical and empathic manner.


  • PERSON > PERFORMER: I believe in tending to the human being more so than the athlete or performer. Every aspect of our lives affects performance.
  • INTENT > CONTENT: I believe there are many different ways to “skin a cat” so to speak when delivering mental performance coaching. Thus, I genuinely believe that my intention to serve others will be more important than the knowledge that I share.
  • POSITIVITY: I always want to demonstrate a positive attitude to others. Certainly, there are times when honest and critical feedback will be required. However, I will do my best to emphasize positive elements of my partners’ participation in our work together.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: I pride myself on being accountable to myself and others. I will take responsibility when I make a mistake or do not perform up to the standards set by myself or my partners. In turn, I will expect that my partners demonstrate the same level of accountability in our work together.
  • AUTHENTICITY: I intend to be myself at all times. I will not shy away from practicing in a manner consistent with who I am as a person. I believe in the power of example and will do my best to model the behaviors that I would like to see from my clients.