About Me

I am a mental performance coach, father, athlete, and mentor. Before entering performance coaching, I spent over 20 years as a successful business consultant working for globally-recognized professional firms, such as Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Cushman & Wakefield. However, I came to realize that my “traditional” consulting career was truly aligned with my mission of helping others be better. As a result, I chose to pursue a career as a mental performance coach. I received a Master of Arts degree in sport psychology from John F. Kennedy University, one of the leading applied sport psychology programs in the United States. I previously earned a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University. I am the father of two great kids, Patrick, 12, and Lucy, 10.

Michael V. Huber

Founder and Lead Consultant

FTB Philosophy & Core Values

FTB is my guiding philosophy of practice. I believe in the fundamental value of two simple questions. First, what is really happening right now? Second, what can I do differently in this moment? FTB is rooted in the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) model of performance and positive psychology. Are we aware of what is happening around us, do we accept it, and are we committed to our next positive action? This philosophy will apply whether you are an athlete, coach, business executive, or performance artist with specific performance objective, or simply a person seeking to live a better life.

My core values and the core values of my mental performance coaching practice are:

  • PERSON > PERFORMER: I believe in tending to the human being first and the athlete or performer second. Every aspect of our lives affects performance. If we do not feel cared for as a person, then achieving our human potential will be very challenging.
  • INTENT > CONTENT: I believe there are many different ways to “skin a cat” so to speak when delivering mental performance coaching. Thus, I genuinely believe that my intention to serve others will be more important than the knowledge that I share.
  • POSITIVITY: I always want to demonstrate a positive attitude toward others. Certainly, there are times when honest and critical feedback will be required. However, I will do my best to emphasize positive elements of your participation in our work together.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: I pride myself on being accountable to myself and others. I will take responsibility when I make a mistake or do not perform up to your standards or my own. In turn, I will expect that you demonstrate the same level of accountability in our work together.
  • AUTHENTICITY: I intend to be myself at all times. I will not shy away from practicing in a manner consistent with who I am as a person. I believe in the power of example and will do my best to model the behaviors that I would like to see from you.

Areas of Expertise

  • Individual mental performance coaching
  • Team building consultations and workshops
  • Coach education and development
  • Parent education
  • Business executive coaching
  • Understanding individual motivation and motivational climates

Significant Facts About Me

  • Founder and owner of Follow The Ball (Coaching) LLC
  • Active and enthusiastic youth sport coach in baseball, basketball,
    flag football, and soccer
  • Finished the Chicago Marathon in 5 hours and 21 minutes in October
    2018 (my first!)
  • Competed in my first powerlifting competition in December 2018
    achieving a personal record lift of 300 pounds.
  • Amateur adult baseball player having played competitive baseball for
    a total of over 30 years
  • Experienced public speaker and blogger (www.michaelvhuber.com)
  • Previously served as trusted business advisor to Fortune 20 global
    company with annual revenues in excess of $100 billion
  • Lifelong-learner, who is proud to have accepted extensive business
    coaching and personal mentorship in support of my own continuous
  • Voracious reader whose most-recommended books include:
    • The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
    • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
    • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
    • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday