About Michael

Michael Huber is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® accredited by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He is also a father, experienced business advisor, athlete, and mentor.

The primary focus of Michael’s practice is serving young athletes and their families. All of his work is motivated by the desire for others to get the best out of the abilities and resources at their disposal. Michael believes that mental performance coaching is about becoming aware of mental emotional challenges, removing those roadblocks, and taking intentional action to improve as a person and performer.

Michael is also the founder and host of The Freshman Foundation® Podcast, which is preparing young athletes and families for every next step in their athletic journey. He was inspired to start the podcast for a couple of reasons. First, having worked with college-bound high school athletes, he wondered how they would cope upon stepping foot on campus. Second, some of the greatest struggles Michael has had in his own life have been a result of not properly preparing for major life transitions like college, fatherhood, and career.

Prior to entering the sport psychology field,, Michael spent almost 20 years as a successful business consultant working for globally-recognized professional firms, such as Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Cushman & Wakefield.

Of course, the most important job that Michael holds is father to his two children: Patrick, 14 and Lucy, 12


Core Values

Stength-Based Coaching

Michael always want to demonstrate a positive attitude toward others. Certainly, there are times when honest and critical feedback will be required. However, he does his best to emphasize positive elements of your participation in his work with clients.


Michael takes pride in holding himself and others accountable. He will take responsibility when he makes a mistake or does not perform up to a client's standards or his own. In turn, he expects that clients demonstrate the same level of accountability.

Intent > Content

Michael believes there are many different ways to “skin a cat” so to speak when delivering mental performance coaching. Thus, he genuinely believes that the intention to serve others supersedes the interventions shared with his clients.

Person > Performer

Michael believes in tending to the human being first and the athlete or performer second. Every aspect of our lives affects performance. If we do not feel cared for as a person, then achieving our human potential will be very challenging.


Michael intends to be his true self at all times. He will not shy away from practicing in a manner consistent with who he is as a person. Michael believes in the power of example and will do his best to model the behaviors that he would like to see from you.

Area Of Expertise

Mental performance coaching for young athletes
Understanding motivational climates in organizations
Understanding individual motivation 
Coach education and development
Business executive coaching
Parent education and mentoring

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