What is mental performance coaching?

Mental performance coaches help athletes – or any performers, for that matter – improve their mental fitness. Elite performers practice their physical skills on a daily basis, but don’t put the same conscious effort into the mental game. Mental performance coaches help others build awareness regarding areas of improvement, teaches mental skills and techniques that help performers to optimize their potential, and holds coaching clients accountable for the execution of a clear mental conditioning program. As a parent and youth coach, I often hear adults implore children to “FOCUS!” As a mental performance coach, I teach clients, both young and old, HOW to focus! The same principle can be applied to the HOW of mental skills, such as goal-setting, imagery, and self-talk. The mental game requires the same time, attention, and level of instruction as the physical game.

Canva - Female Softball Player

What is Follow The Ball?

Follow The Ball (FTB) started as my personal motto while playing baseball in an adult men’s league a number of years ago. During a game, I found my mind wandering while in the field thinking about my last at-bat, my next at-bat, and everything in between instead of focusing my attention on what was most relevant at the time – the next play. I came up with the verbal cue “follow the ball” as a reminder to bring my mind back into the game by simply making eye contact with the ball and following it wherever it went. Following the ball limited my mind’s ability to wander into the past or future. In essence, the ball was a mental symbol or anchor to return to the present moment.